Field-Of-Study: Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Karen Sullivan

Karen Sullivan is Irma Brandeis Professor of Romance Culture and Literature at Bard College. A native of Boston, she studied comparative literature at Bryn Mawr College and the University of California, Berkeley, before coming to Bard. She works on the clash between the conception of truth held by the “clerics” (clerici), or learned men of

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Sarah Kay

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, I have researched and taught the literatures of medieval France in universities in Britain and the United States, including at Cambridge, Princeton, and now New York University. My work ranges over the centuries and genres of medieval literature, including heroic poetry, troubadour lyric, courtly literature, hagiography, and didactic

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Jerold C. Frakes

Jerold C. Frakes teaches and conducts research on medieval European literatures. Formerly Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of German at the University of Southern California (1982–2006), he is currently Professor of English at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). His graduate study was at the Universität Heidelberg (medieval Latin) and the University of Minnesota (medieval

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Ramie Targoff

Ramie Targoff is Professor of English and Director of the Mandel Center for the Humanities at Brandeis University. She teaches courses on Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, love lyrics, witchcraft and magic, and devotional poetry. She received her B.A. in English from Yale University in 1989, and her Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley,

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