Field-Of-Study: Education

Meira Levinson

Meira Levinson is an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  A normative political philosopher by training, she draws upon scholarship from multiple disciplines as well as her eight years of experience teaching in the Atlanta and Boston public schools.  Her most recent book, No Citizen Left Behind (Harvard UP, 2012), shows how

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Bruce A. Kimball

A noted historian of education, Bruce A. Kimball earned the A.B. from Dartmouth College and the M.Div. and Ed.D. from Harvard University, and studied for two years at Harvard Law School as a Liberal Arts Fellow. Having taught at Harvard College, University of Houston Honors Program, Yale University, and the University of Rochester, he is

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Deborah Brandt

Deborah Brandt is widely recognized as one of the leading lights in the field of literacy studies. In addition to the more than two dozen articles and book chapters she has written, many of which have been reprinted multiple times, she is the author of two highly influential monographs: Literacy as Involvement: The Acts of

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Herbert Kohl

Some thoughts on my education and my work   I attended PS 82, PS 104, Macombs Junior High School, and the Bronx High School of Science, all in the Bronx. My kindergarten teacher was wonderful. She was a member of our working-class Jewish, Italian, and Irish community and knew all of our parents. She also

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