Field-Of-Study: Fine Arts Research

Gauvin Bailey

Gauvin Alexander Bailey’s research concentrates on Renaissance and Baroque art and its global diffusion in Europe, Latin America, and colonial Asia, with a focus on the arts patronage of the Jesuits. After receiving his Ph.D. in Fine Art History from Harvard University (1996) he has taught at Clark University, Boston College, and the University of

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Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernán

An independent writer and researcher, Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernández will use his term as a Guggenheim Fellow to investigate how American political cartoons dealing with the Mexican Revolution of 1910 shaped American opinion of that event. Mr. Aurrecoechea Hernández is the author, with Armando Bartra, of the multivolume series Puros Cuentos (Consejo Nacional para la

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Jaime R. Lara

Jaime Lara (Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union and UC Berkeley) works in the intersection of the visual arts and religion through various media (architecture, painting, sculpture, prints). Trained as a medievalist, Mr. Lara examines hybrid artifacts and artistic creations at moments of culture contact, principally the contact that Aztecs and Incas had with a European Christian

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Francesca Fiorani

Francesca Fiorani is an Associate Professor of Art History, specializing in Italian Renaissance art, at the University of Virginia; she has been a faculty member there since 1997. A native of Rome, Italy, Ms. Fiorani was educated at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” receiving her B.A. (1986), M.A. (1990), and Ph.D. (1994) from that

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John Wilmerding

John Wilmerding is Christopher B. Sarofim ’86 Professor of American Art, Emeritus, at Princeton University and adjunct curator in the Princeton University Art Museum.  Formerly, he was a visiting curator in the Department of American Art at the Metropolitan Museum, and has also served as Senior Curator and Deputy Director of the National Gallery of

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Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts is a Professor of History at Wake Forest University. She earned a B.A. in history from the Oklahoma College for Women, and four years into her tenure at Eisenhower High School in Lawton, Oklahoma (1964-79), she began graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma; she received an M.A. in German history in 1972,

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